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Bet of the Day – Tuesday (May 10)

Our tipsters got their eyes set on a goal-laden affair as the battle for a spot in Europe heats up in the Swiss Super League....

Champions League last 16: Which teams have qualified?

Ace Football gives you a guide on everything there is to know about the Champions League last 16. From the teams that have qualified to the draw itself, we got you covered....

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Alexandre Jankewitz

Anthony Racioppi

Aurele Amenda

Cedric Zesiger

Cheikh Niasse

Christian Fassnacht

Dario Marzino

David von Ballmoos

Donat Rrudhani

Esteban Petignat

Fabian Lustenberger

Fabian Rieder

Felix Mambimbi

Filip Ugrinic

Jean Pierre Nsame

Joel Monteiro

Kastriot Imeri

Kevin Rueegg

Leandro Zbinden

Lewin Blum

Loris Benito

Meschack Elia

Miguel Chaiwa

Mischa Eberhard

Mohamed Aly Camara

Nico Maier

Quentin Maceiras

Sandro Lauper

Ulisses Garcia

Yannick Toure

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