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Top 5 biggest Manchester United mistakes vs Young Boys

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After Manchester United’s shocking defeat, we need to talk about the Red Devils’ Top 5 mistakes against Young Boys tonight. 

Manchester United shockingly lost against Young Boys in Bern this evening, here are the team’s Top 5 mistakes of the match. We will tell you all about specific moments in the game that became the biggest reason they lost on their opening match. We are doing this for less to more important reasons. 

5.- Getting Jadon Sancho off in the first half. 

Instead of getting one of the three midfielders off the pitch, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer decided to get Jadon Sancho off when he was making the biggest impact. This was arguably the second mistake made by Manchester United as the early stages in the first half were taking place. From this moment forward, everything started going downhill. 

4.- Taking Cristiano Ronaldo off the pitch. 

Regardless of his age or how possibly tired he is, Cristiano Ronaldo simply can’t leave the pitch during such a crucial moment. He is the type of player who can score a goal at any given moment of the match but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer didn’t seem to think so. Instead, Jesse Lingard took his place during the final 30 minutes. 

3.- Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s defensive approach. 

If it wasn’t for the first and second mistake, this would be right at the top. Clearly, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer showed his flaws in 90 minutes during a complicated moment for his team. It will take him all week to offer the proper explanations to all his players. United signed a plethora of incredible offensive players but Solskjaer still decided to use his defense in order to protect a result. Risking this was the biggest mistake from the manager. 

2.- Wan-Bissaka’s horror tackle. 

Arguably the first mistake made by Manchester United and the reason they played with fear for the rest of the match. Wan-Bissaka will get a lot of criticism for spoiling the Champions League debut this season. Cristiano Ronaldo should give him hell for jeopardizing his chances to get the top of his group with a positive result on the first match. 

1.- Lingard’s moment of weakness. 

Even though the final moments of the match were frenetic for everybody. Jesse Lingard suffered too much pressure in a crucial moment of the match. This mistake from him will go down amongst the hardest to believe in the club’s history. United had the draw in the bag but Lingard wasted the opportunity with a terrible defensive mistake. The English press will have a field day with the English midfielder. Very unfortunate for Jesse to do this only a few days after scoring a great Premier League goal.