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Jesse Lingard’s first words after his costly mistake vs Young Boys

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After the mistake that cost Manchester United the victory, Jesse Lingard decided to finally open up to the club’s supporters through Twitter. 

Last night was extremely difficult to take for all Manchester United supporters, but especially for Jesse Lingard. Picture this. You get to celebrate scoring a goal alongside your biggest idol. It all happens at your childhood club after a loan spell where you got to recover your best feelings after going through a serious personal issue. Just a few days later, you replace your biggest idol and you bottle a result in the most crucial moment. Imagine how you would feel if all that happened to you in the span of a week.

Jesse Lingard has been destroyed by the majority of the English press but he probably doesn’t deserve it. He wasn’t as great as people thought before this happened. Nor is he as terrible as most think after this mistake. Things like this can happen to the best of us. Regardless, that can’t change how awful Lingard himself feels and will keep feeling for a long time. But the quicker he bounces back from this new setback, the quicker he’ll be available to keep helping his teammates. 

Lingard is upset about his mistake against Young Boys. 

Judging Lingard by a single action after the season just started can be seen as unfair for a player who recently recovered his love for the game. At West Ham United, Jesse truly offered some of the best football we’ve ever seen from him. He also gave us a taste of what he can do coming from the bench during last weekend’s match against Newcastle United. The scenario last night wasn’t ideal for a player of Lingard’s characteristics.

What happened is hardly his fault and yet fans will still roast him in the comments of any publication. It took him a while to put his thoughts together but Lingard finally opened up about his dark moment. This is what he wrote on his official Twitter account: “Last night hurt. Everytime I pull on the shirt, I hope people understand what it means to me. I always go out wanting to do the best for the club, the team and the fans. I’m upset for my part in the defeat. Mistakes happen in football but we pick ourselves up and go again.”