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The Tebas vs Guardiola debate rages on through Twitter

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As a way to respond to his attacks, Pep Guardiola decided to keep the debate with Javier Tebas raging through Twitter earlier today. 

It appears Pep Guardiola and Javier Tebas have decided to go to war over some fundamental disagreements. On one side, the La Liga president believes he is fighting against the state-controlled clubs in order to save football. Then we have Pep Guardiola, who has been working for Manchester City for years and he will defend them no matter what. Yesterday, we had the first exchange between the two prominent football figures.

Guardiola attacked Tebas by highlighting his lack of skills to sell the Spanish La Liga as a product for the rest of the world. Whereas Tebas decided to issue a response that made him look threatening. Guardiola was having none of it and he decided to respond. Given that La Liga president responded through Twitter in the most public setting. Pep did the exact same thing but he decided to respond in Catalan. You know Guardiola is angry when he starts writing in his native language. 

Guardiola issues his response to Tebas. 

Through his official Pep Team Twitter account, Pep Guardiola wrote the following response to Tebas: “Javier. The Spanish league over the last two decades: Many Champions for Barça and Madrid. So many. Champions finalists with Valencia and Atletico. Many Europa League titles with Sevilla as the great dominator and the last of Villarreal. European Championship with Luis Aragones. World Cup and Euros with Vicente del Bosque. Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo with us doing things never seen before and that we’ll likely never see again.

“Everyone’s admiration and esteem… but the problem is with the state-controlled clubs. You must know a lot about this from club states, right? I do not understand macroeconomics, or demographics, or the penetration of pay TV, or China. That is why you are here, so you can tell us why we are still so far from the Premier League after two brutal decades of Spanish football. You are here to tell us and… to solve this issue.”