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Javier Tebas responds to Pep Guardiola’s recent criticism

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After Pep Guardiola’s most recent attack against Javier Tebas, La Liga president decided to respond through his official Twitter account. 

Javier Tebas is getting into a heated argument against Pep Guardiola that might not end well for at least one side. La Liga president has been heavily criticized for the way he sells the competition around the world. Guardiola is criticizing the poor decision-making skills Tebas has when he goes to sell the television rights of the tournament. He was only responding to Tebas’ constant attacks towards clubs such as Manchester City and PSG.

These institutions are currently owned by entire countries and they basically have no limits to their spending. In Tebas’ view, they are the ones responsible for killing the competitive aspect in the transfer market. Clubs like Real Madrid or FC Barcelona are having a harder time buying the best players in the world due to this. When PSG bought Neymar, the entire transfer market landscape changed and Tebas is trying to battle this in any way he can. Ever since that happened in 2017, he’s been attacking these clubs without skipping a beat. 

Tebas’ response to Pep Guardiola in full. 

With all the constant attacks against the club he coaches, Pep Guardiola was bound to respond sooner or later. He came after one of Javier Tebas’ weak points but the La Liga president didn’t hesitate to make his counter-public. In fact, he even dared to threaten Guardiola’s squad after they got pardoned by TAS in recent months. It’s clear that Tebas won’t rest until he can get both Manchester City and PSG to stop spending that much money on players and infrastructure.

As of right now, these two clubs are the most powerful in the world with nobody capable to oppose their actions. But Tebas wants to be part of this contingent that does, as he wrote on Twitter: “Pep, I do learn new things from the Premier League on a daily basis. It would be nice if someone could teach you a bit of macroeconomy in football. About the effects that state-controlled clubs have on player salary inflation. Also about demographics and the inclusion of paid television services. It would be nice if someone could teach you about China as well. And about TAS’ ruling, we will have news pretty soon about that.”