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Guardiola lashes out against La Liga’s Javier Tebas

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During a public event, Pep Guardiola lashed out against Javier Tebas for his poor management as La Liga president. He won’t like this. 

When Pep Guardiola comes after you as he did just now with Javier Tebas, he usually does it in a passive-aggressive manner. Back when he was involved in El Clasico wars with Jose Mourinho, he eventually exploded but always kept his composure. His responses tend to be sarcastic but still offensive. Tebas keeps coming after clubs like Manchester City or PSG for having power from entire countries or states.

It is obvious that Pep Guardiola would protect his own interest as he did today. Also, he loves defending the Premier League above La Liga on any given day. At his Rialp campus, Pep came out swinging against Tebas as he felt comfortable enough to criticize the president’s poor management skills. From a lack of impact in foreign countries to the lackluster way to sell La Liga as a product everywhere in the world. Guardiola decided to respond to Tebas’ constant attacks. 

Pep’s full response to Javier Tebas. 

This is what Guardiola said via AS: “There’s simply better management in the Premier League, which is also broadcasted in Asia. Mister Tebas should learn from that. Perhaps football is the only business where people who want to invest are misjudged. I don’t get it because this affects the rest of the clubs around the world. Why is it a problem that United, City, Chelsea, or Liverpool want to invest in? Clubs like ours are not after any type of benefit. All we want is to reinvest that money in order to make the club grow further for the fans. There’s a level of control from UEFA, such as Financial Fair Play.

“If you sell the product better and you pay more for television rights, Mr. Tebas should learn from this as he knows more than anyone about this. He is a very wise man who likes to offer his opinion about everything. Perhaps that’s how Barça, Madrid, Atletico, or Valencia can have more resources in order to make the investments they need to make. If we make any mistakes, we get sanctioned and we won’t be able to play. But since this isn’t the case, every club should do as they see fit. But Mr. Tebas doesn’t make any mistakes. Other clubs and other countries are to blame for his inability to sell his product in order to keep players like Messi.”