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The heartwarming story behind Sadio Mane’s goal celebration

Crystal Palace v Liverpool - Premier League
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Sadio Mane ended his eight-match spell without netting a goal at Liverpool’s impressive win against Crystal Palace and celebrated by pointing to the sky.

The Senegalese left Liverpool fans rather confused after celebrating by kissing his fingers and pointing to the sky. As speculation grew on social media, the Reds shared the story behind the celebration.

Sadio Mane recently fulfilled a young disabled Liverpool supporter’s dream. Lee Swan, a volunteer at The Florence Institute, received a surprise video call from the Reds’ forward. In addition, with Covid-19 restrictions in place, the Senegal international virtually accompanied Lee’s visit to Anfield. The young fan was brought to tears as he was given the chance to score a goal in front of the Kop.

In addition, Mane asked Lee to provide him with a new celebration, as the volunteer assured him he knew all of the already existing ones. The volunteer, who helps bring food to people in need, told him about his late grandfather.

In today’s brutal 7-0 win against Crystal Palace, Sadio Mane netted the goal at the 35th-minute mark. As it was previously agreed, the player celebrated by emulating Lee’s gesture. Mane kissed his fingers and smiled while pointing to the sky.

A heartwarming gesture from a fan-favorite at Liverpool which shows us that football is much more than a game.