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Southgate keeps a leveled head with England’s actual level

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Ahead of the last international break match of this week, Gareth Southgate attempts to keep his cool about England’s real level of performance. 

Perhaps Gareth Southgate doesn’t like all the criticism his England side got after the European Championship final this summer. If we are talking about the football aspect of the team’s performance. There’s an overall consensus that states the team has much more potential than what they showcased. But for Gareth Southgate, the current Three Lions squad is less talented than the rest of England actually thinks.

We all wonder what the players might think about this idea from their own manager. Also, Southgate is making these statements after he was the one who prevented some of the team’s best players from performing. People like Phil Foden or Jadon Sancho barely got chances to play during the summer tournament. Jack Grealish got a little more activity but he was also limited to only minutes per match when he got the opportunity. 

What did Southgate say about England? 

As per Goal, this is what Southgate said: “We are in a good moment and the team is playing well. We have a squad of players, any of whom are more than comfortable to play and are playing well. But also those moments are dangerous because, if we get any sense of complacency, we are going into a game that will be a challenge. It is a high level of motivation but also guarding against a feeling we are better than we are.

“We are getting a good set of results because we are working hard for each other. We are playing against a level of opposition who I think are in a better moment. They have won their last two games and they have some good footballers in their team who will keep the ball better than Hungary were able to on the night against us. So the detail of how we press and how we defend will have to be spot on.”