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Sergio Ramos is on his way to Paris to sign for PSG

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According to videos and images from all over the internet, Sergio Ramos is already traveling to Paris for his transfer to PSG. 

As we’ve been telling you over the last few days, Sergio Ramos is already traveling to Paris for his presentation as a PSG player. The centre-back finally reached an agreement with the French giants for the next two years. During this time, he will get €15 million per season after tax. Which is exactly the kind of deal he wanted. At first, one would think Sergio Ramos was doing this for the money. But in hindsight, it is evident he wants to stay competitive for the next couple of years. If he wanted only money, Sergio would’ve easily accepted offers from the MLS or China.

But he wants to continue playing at the elite level with a club that can help him win that fifth UEFA Champions League title he still wants. After he passes his medical test, Sergio Ramos should sign his contract and possibly even be announced later today as a new PSG player. In the videos we are about to show you, the Spanish defender was spotted arriving at the Barajas Airport in Madrid on his way to France. He is obviously traveling with his wife and his children for this new adventure. 

Ramos will play alongside Neymar and maybe Mbappe. 

If PSG gets away with it, they will keep Kylian Mbappe for at least one more season at PSG. Meaning Sergio Ramos will have a chance to play with him and Neymar during the final year of the youngster’s contract. This is a perfect opportunity for all three of them to possibly try to win the biggest tournament in the world at a club level. Ramos is known for his constant praise to Neymar in the past when he was trying to recruit him for Real Madrid.

Today, he finally gets to play alongside the Brazilian star at PSG. Alongside Ramos, other key players such as Achraf Hakimi and Gianluigi Donnarumma are signing new contracts as well. Ramos becomes one of the most important players within the squad after playing at the highest level for the last 15 years as a Real Madrid player. What do you think? Can Sergio Ramos finally help PSG win the UEFA Champions League over the next two seasons?