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Report: PSG might present their biggest transfer next week

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According to reports in Paris, PSG could present their biggest transfer of the summer next week. He will travel next Tuesday. 

PSG are on the brink of closing a deal for one of the best players in the world and he might be presented next week. We previously reported the French club already made contact with Sergio Ramos for an imminent transfer. After leaving Real Madrid a few weeks back, the Spanish defender has been getting ready for his next club. He’s been constantly uploading videos of his physical preparation for a new season, regardless of where he plays. It is evident that Sergio is convinced he can still return to that top-level we saw from him over the last couple of years.

PSG have been making several major moves in the transfer window. Both Donnarumma and Achraf Hakimi are pretty much done deals for the French giants. However, Sergio Ramos’ arrival means that PSG are far stronger in defense than they were last season. After Thiago Silva left the club, it was evident they lacked an elite-level defender who could take them back to the highest level. The Brazilian even won the Champions League at Chelsea last season. 

When does Sergio Ramos travel to Paris? 

According to Diario AS, Sergio Ramos is about to make his trip to Paris on Tuesday and pass the mandatory medical exam on the same day. If everything goes according to plan, there is even a tentative presentation day. PSG are convinced that if Sergio Ramos’ medical goes smoothly, he might even be presented as a new transfer on Wednesday. If this happens, the Spaniard will arrive at a club where players like Neymar or Kylian Mbappe currently perform.

Although we still have no idea what will happen with the French forward, Neymar must be thrilled to play alongside the legendary defender. Sergio Ramos still believes he can win another UEFA Champions League title at the highest level. Certainly, Mauricio Pochettino will be happy to know he is getting one of the best defenders of the last 20 years. It seems like a matter of time before we can see Ramos wearing a PSG jersey.