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Sergio Ramos might’ve already picked his next club

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According to various sources, Sergio Ramos could’ve already picked his next club and we might even have an announcement soon. 

Sergio Ramos recently announced he was leaving Real Madrid but he didn’t offer any hints to where he might go next. Initially, it was believed he already had a deal with a new club and that’s the reason he decided to wait before extending his contract. However, he truly believed he could negotiate a better deal but Florentino had other plans. Also, the majority of the Spanish press even started thinking Sergio Ramos was merely bluffing and no club was truly after him.

But yesterday, all of that changed with a report that confirms Sergio Ramos might already have his next destination locked and loaded. According to Goal, the star defender has already been contacted by PSG in order to reach an agreement. But there are some interesting details about the whole negotiation we need to discuss. The French giants are only one of at least three other options for Sergio Ramos to continue his career. This report suggests Chelsea, Manchester United, and AC Milan are the ones trying to sign the legendary player. 

Neymar is key for Ramos’ arrival to PSG. 

According to Cadena SER, Neymar and Sergio Ramos have increased their message exchange in recent days. It is known that both of them share a good relationship off the pitch and Neymar is doing everything in his power to get Ramos. When he was still playing for Real Madrid, the Spaniard stated he would welcome Neymar with open arms if he ever decided to play for Los Blancos.

We are all eager to know if Sergio Ramos will play for PSG or if he will choose another club. In the coming weeks, we will have further information about the star’s next destination. All Sergio wants is to prove he still has what it takes to be considered one of the best defenders in the world. We will keep you posted on any new developments of this transfer saga where Sergio Ramos is the main protagonist.