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Ronaldo Nazario comes out in Vinicius Junior’s defense

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After getting so much criticism from the media, Ronaldo Nazario came out to defend one of his compatriots in public fashion: Vinicius Junior. 

Ronaldo Nazario is highly interested on watching Vinicius Junior become one of the most successful players in the world. The former star and Valladolid president has always been extremely supportive of his compatriots. All he cares about is watching Brazilians always at the very top of the world. With Vinicius, there’s a special connection because of Ronaldo’s Real Madrid past.

Currently, the former Flamengo player is going through the most difficult moment of his career with a lot of backlash. There’s even talk of Zinedine Zidane getting tired of giving so many chances to him, which sparked Ronaldo’s defense. To his knowledge, Vinicius is till on the right path to success. These problems he faces right now are nothing but learning experiences that will help him improve. 

Ronaldo still trusts Vinicius Junior. 

Apart from his defense towards Vinicius, Ronaldo also wanted to talk about his favorites to win this year’s UEFA Champions League. “[Vinicius] has had space at Real Madrid, but the competition is always very big,” Ronaldo said during a Banco Santander event via Marca. “You look at the squad and [see that] the coach has unlimited options.

“Beating the competition is not easy, but he is a young boy, 20 years old and has an important future ahead of him. I think he is on the right track. It’s still early to name a favourite, but I would say that Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Barcelona [are favourites]. And also, Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain, who have a great team and have Neymar.”