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Report: The reason Zidane finally got tired of Vinicius

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According to a report from Spain, there is a specific reason Zinedine Zidane finally got tired of Vinicius Junior that has to do with the other players. 

Zinedine Zidane’s patience with Vinicius Junior is finally over, especially after the most recent performances with the club. Out of the two young Brazilian players at the institution, there’s no doubt that the French manager is willing to give Rodrygo Goes more chances than Vini. According to La Sexta’s Edu Aguirre, the Real Madrid veterans have had enough of the young Brazilian. There are several images of players like Marcelo, Benzema, or others going after the player.

It is reported that some of the team’s biggest stars don’t believe this youngster can become a world-class superstar. This situation can inevitably lead to the player getting sold or loaned to a different club by the end of the current season. Many opportunities have been given to Vinicius and the player hasn’t taken them as he should’ve. After a long time waiting for him, Zidane finally had enough and he remains on the bench almost exclusively. 

When hard work isn’t enough. 

Zinedine Zidane’s mantra has always revolved around hard work and dedication, this is how he became one of the all-time greats. However, there is also a key element he had in common with Real Madrid’s biggest stars in recent history. In Vinicius’ case, the hard work is there but many realized that his talent may not live up to Los Blancos’ standards. Considering his poor stats and lack of results, there may be an argument to support the obvious.

Vinicius Junior might not be cut out to be a Real Madrid player. His days could be numbered at the club and a different future lies on his horizon. Most of the club’s players don’t seem to think he can be that player who helps them win titles now or in the near future. If he wants to change that notion, he has to start delivering results during matches. There is no other way to change this negative dynamic with his manager and his teammates.