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Vinicius’ way to acknowledge Real Madrid’s tough moments

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After scoring the winner against Sevilla, Vinicius had a specific way to describe the tough moment Real Madrid is going through right now. 

Real Madrid’s Vinicius had a specific way to describe his team’s tough moment. Rather than defend his teammates or the manager from criticism, he preferred to blame the tough time on the global situation. A global pandemic is affecting all clubs in almost every aspect but Real Madrid was already in crisis before Covid-19 arrived.

When the Brazilian scored his goal, Twitter went crazy talking about an own goal for Sevilla. However, the replay clearly shows Vinicius did shoot on goal before the ball hit Bono. The youngster celebrated the goal hard but got crucified online. Regardless of this reaction, Vinicius claimed it as his own after the match. Given his poor finishing skills, the winger will take anything he can at this point. 

Vinicius has no doubts about HIS goal. 

After the match, Real Madrid sent the forward to speak to the press about the game’s result and how he scored that goal. Even though La Liga is officially giving it to Bono, the Brazilian doesn’t care about any of that. 

While talking to AS, Vinicius said the following: “The goal is mine, of course! This victory is quite important in order to build our trust. It was a tough ground to play. There were games in which we played well but we didn’t win. We didn’t hesitate today. Everybody knew we would suffer in order to win. This is a different season compared to others. Everybody is having a tough time adapting to the situation. We need to keep improving. Playing in Madrid is like this, there will always be pressure.”