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Report: Real Madrid reach a transfer decision about Hazard

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Due to all the drama surrounding his situation, Real Madrid just made a transfer decision about Eden Hazard’s future at the club. 

Eden Hazard and Real Madrid might be edging closer to a bitter breakup, at least that’s what reports from Spain suggest. The Belgian star’s arrival was publicized as the second coming of a player who was about to get into injury hell. Whether it was his fault for not taking care of his physique or not is completely irrelevant. To the club that pays him, Eden Hazard is nothing more than either an active or a passive asset.

It doesn’t matter to them if the player was unfortunate with his time in Madrid. All they care about are the results he brings to the institution as any other company would care about. His most recent chapter right after Real Madrid’s exit from the Champions League was the last straw for Los Blancos. There are reports coming from Spain about the club making a decisive move for the player during the summer transfer window. This won’t sit well with the club’s supporters who are fed up with Hazard for he will become one of the club’s biggest flops. 

Chelsea might recover Hazard. 

According to ABC from Spain, Real Madrid decided to place Eden Hazard on the market. When he first arrived, Los Blancos paid €100 million to the Blues. To that we need to add the €26 million per season they pay the player for each of the two years he’s been there. That is a grand total of €152 million for a player who only scored three goals and suffered 10+ injuries in two seasons. The Spanish outlet reports that Real Madrid would accept a measly €50 million offer just to get rid of him during the next summer transfer window.

Chelsea loves Eden Hazard and they wouldn’t mind paying that kind of money for one of the best players in the club’s history. It doesn’t matter the lens through which you look at this. This is a win-win situation for the Blues and a lose-lose scenario for Real Madrid. Only Hazard himself has the power to decide whether he wants to stay or leave. His contract expires in the summer of 2024.