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VIDEO: Eden Hazard laughs off getting eliminated by Chelsea

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It happened right after the game, Eden Hazard appeared laughing right after getting eliminated by Chelsea in the Champions League

What Real Madrid supporters just saw from Eden Hazard after losing against Chelsea might be the last straw against him. They’ve put up with his lack of seriousness to the club for the last two years. Ending as he is doing right now can get him kicked out of the squad by the summer. It also confirms Eden Hazard is right up there amongst the biggest flops in Real Madrid’s recent history.

The entire Real Madrid fan base exploded after watching the images of Eden Hazard talking to a couple of his Chelsea former teammates. You can talk to them all you want but at least have the decency to do it away from the cameras. Plus, Hazard seemed happier than ever right after getting eliminated from the Champions League. Los Blancos’ supporters won’t appreciate this level of carefree attitude. After all the sour moments he put the supporters through, this is how he repays them. 

Can Hazard leave Real Madrid this summer?

This is entirely up to Florentino Perez but the socios will definitely push for his exit from the club as soon as possible. Perhaps Chelsea will think about getting their former player back for next season. Hazard seems happy when he is around the color blue, he must be thrilled they are through to the Champions League final.

We even dare say he wished he could be part of the squad that made it to this stage of the tournament. Real Madrid supporters had enough of his sad moments on the pitch. Tonight, he didn’t suffer any new injuries but he was far from the level he showed during his time at the Blues. Hazard has a long way to go if he wants to return to that level of performance.