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BREAKING: Eden Hazard issues an apology to Real Madrid fans

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After all the drama generated by his images at Stamford Bridge, Eden Hazard finally issued a written apology to Real Madrid fans.

Eden Hazard is public enemy number one amongst Real Madrid supporters right now, they can’t stand the sight of him. The reason is quite simple. His images joking with Chelsea players right after getting eliminated from the Champions League cut the supporters deep. They can’t understand how he had no empathy towards the team that is currently employing him in such a tough moment for everyone.

From the moment these images were released, Hazard received all kinds of criticism for his actions. It took him quite a while to apologize for what he did but he finally managed to do it through a short Instagram message: “I am sorry. I have read a lot of opinions about me today and it wasn’t my intention to offend Real Madrid fans. It has always been my dream to play for Real Madrid and I came here to win. The season is not over and together we must now battle for La Liga. Hala Madrid!”

It might be too late for Hazard.

Even though he finally issued that apology, time is running out for Eden Hazard. Unless he leads Los Blancos to a new La Liga title in the four matches they have left, his days are numbered in Real Madrid. Nobody told Eden that this club doesn’t easily forgive or forget when a player makes mistakes like his. Chelsea is a club where he would be taken back with open arms.

Perhaps after the Euros he can be sold back to them for a little less money. But as far as his Real Madrid career, that is most likely over before it even started. Despite their impressive quality, there are simply players who weren’t tailored to play for the Spanish giants. We can count many examples of stars who won everything outside of Madrid but couldn’t make it when they played at the Bernabeu. Hazard is the latest example of these massive flops in the club’s history.