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‘Hazard owes Real Madrid fans some explanations’

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Eden Hazard “owes” Real Madrid and the club’s fans an explanation after his antics following his side’s defeat to Chelsea, says Terry Gibson.

Hazard has remained the subject of much criticism after he was seen laughing with the Chelsea players after his side’s 2-0 defeat to the Blues in the Champions League.

The Belgian appeared unfit, reluctant to embark on the sort of dribbles that made him so entertaining during his seven years in England and failed to make any meaningful impact on the game as Madrid were knocked out Thomas Tuchel’s side.

And if the performance wasn’t bad enough for Hazard, his actions following the final whistle made him into public enemy number one in Madrid.

While his teammates went into the changing room, gutted to have come so close to reaching another European final, Hazard stayed out on the pitch for a bit to catch up with some of his old colleagues.

And it wouldn’t have been so bad had he not been seen laughing and joking around with Kurt Zouma.

Hazard’s actions have prompted widespread criticism and led to calls from some Real fans for him to be transferred.

Gibson, who has played for Manchester United and Tottenham, says he acted naively but is not sure where Hazard could go next.

“The first thing is to who? Who’s got the money and who would buy him after two years ravaged by injury? So I think that’s the big problem but I can understand the frustrations of the Real Madrid fans,” Gibson told Sky Sports News.

“I think he was an easy target last night anyway because his form at Real Madrid has been disastrous and the way that he’s been injured for the last couple of seasons.”

“When he’s played he hasn’t been effective so he was always going to be an easy target, he hasn’t adhered himself to the Real Madrid fans.”

“I can understand that as well, losing a Champions League semi-final, not that I would know, but being involved in semi-finals myself, if you were to lose you should be devastated.

“For him to have been as happy as he was after the final whistle with former teammates! It’s fine but if you want to congratulate them perhaps it’s best done behind the scenes but to do it in full view of the media, the cameras, which everybody in the world can then see.

“You can understand the frustration of the Real Madrid supporters and the club.

“I would imagine the club wouldn’t look too kindly on the way he behaved after the final whistle so that hasn’t helped him.

“He should be doing everything in his power to make sure that he can get back into some sort of favour with the Real Madrid fans.

“It’s not often I say it but I do think Hazard does owe Real Madrid, does owe the Real Madrid supporters, and that wasn’t a good look after the game last night.”