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Report: Barcelona reach an agreement for Messi’s renewal

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According to a recent report from Sport, FC Barcelona and Leo Messi finally reached a contract renewal agreement. We got the details. 

FC Barcelona and Leo Messi have been trying to get past the many salary-cap hurdles that prevent him from signing a new contract. Back on June 30, the Argentine star ended his professional relationship with the club in the legal aspect. He was focused on finding the ideal Copa America pace that would grant him his first title with Argentina. Last weekend, Messi finally accomplished his pending assignment with the national team. He only planned ahead until last weekend but he also knows there is a pending assignment at FC Barcelona.

Messi needed to get into a major negotiation as soon as possible. People in Barcelona are starting to get impatient with his radio silence, especially after his behavior towards the club over the last couple of years. The bottom line is that Messi already tried to leave the club once and nothing prevents him from leaving the club for good now. Back then, he had an ongoing contract but now he is a free agent. The main fear is that any club in the world can come to make him a juicy offer that could be too good to refuse. 

Messi cuts his salary in half. 

Up until Monday, there wasn’t a real confirmation on Leo’s alleged new contract. There was only speculation surrounding what he wanted to agree upon. Allegedly, he wasn’t willing to reduce his impressive wage. FC Barcelona is currently going through the greatest crisis in the club’s history and Messi is a big part of it. His last contract made him earn a staggering €71 million per season after tax. It was expected that he could make a gesture of goodwill and dramatically reduce that number on his new contract.

The Madrid media outlets started thinking this wouldn’t happen but a new report suggests the exact opposite. According to Sport, Messi and Barcelona finally reached an agreement for the next five seasons. He will allegedly cut his current salary in half and will sign until the summer of 2026. The only hurdles left are getting rid of players like Phil Coutinho and Antoine Griezmann. Those two players are the reason the salary cap is still impossible to get past. We’ll have new information in the coming days but Messi finally reached an agreement.