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Pep Guardiola contradicts Jurgen Klopp’s calendar claims

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After Jurgen Klopp’s wild claims about Manchester City, Pep Guardiola had to come out and contradict him ahead of next Sunday’s clash. 

Next Sunday’s clash between Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp just took a whole new meaning between the two managers. Until this week, their rivalry had been polite and filled with sportsmanship. However, it appears Klopp wanted to play a little dirty by talking about City’s calendar and alleging the days off they had over the Reds. Guardiola was appalled at these statements by saying through Man City’s website: “He made a mistake. We had two months off, three months, no, four months! That’s why we’re in the top four. Jurgen needs to see the calendar again.

“When I see him I will tell him how many days we had off. I didn’t expect that from Jurgen. Not from him. I’m surprised. I thought Jurgen wasn’t that type of manager. Maybe it was a misunderstanding. If he sees the calendar he will see it was not two weeks. We had Covid. One week and we played with 14 players at Stamford Bridge. He knows it’s not true. Nobody in the Premier League has had two weeks off, everyone knows that. I thought he wasn’t that type of guy. Maybe I was wrong. Of course he forgot it. We didn’t forget it – but they (Liverpool) did of course.” 

Pep explains what Klopp missed. 

“It was a challenge, but I never thought it was easy in this world so we cannot complain when people are suffering much more than us all around the world,” continued Guardiola. “People say it’s freezing in the game. It’s not freezing, freezing is when people are suffering. We are incredibly lucky and fortunate. When it’s happened it’s happened. When you have a lot of Covid cases in the beginning and injuries, when we had Covid before the Everton game, we said ‘it is what it is’.

“We had 14 players but we went there (to Stamford Bridge). It happened to us, Newcastle, Atletico Madrid right now and in the past, it happened to all the clubs around the world because everything changed. Don’t look back, say ‘what’s next, how many players do we have’ and prepare for the game. We do it and if we win, we will continue, if we lose, we will continue. It’s the only way and I’ve done it throughout my career.”