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Pedri opens up about Andres Iniesta comparisons

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Ahead of a fresh call-up with the Spain National Team, Pedri finally opened up about the Andres Iniesta comparisons he’s been getting. 

Saying that Pedri’s style of play resembles that of Andres Iniesta doesn’t mean we believe he will reach that level of performance. There’s a major difference between style and level similarities. In Pedri’s case, he’s too young to be compared to any legendary player but we can absolutely say he plays in a similar style to some big names. The major giveaway if the chemistry he has with Leo Messi on the pitch.

As FC Barcelona’s biggest star, the Argentine gravitates around the best players within the squad. Plus, the young midfielder already got Iniesta’s blessing a few times and he gets constant messages from him. It’s evident the comparisons are there but we can’t forget Pedri is still young. As a measured response, we expected the young star to address this situation as soon as he got the chance. He didn’t disappoint with the way he responded to these comparisons. 

Pedri wants to be his own man. 

As he gets ready to play for the Spanish National Team, everybody is excited for watching him perform under Luis Enrique. Ever since players like Iniesta, Xavi, or Xabi Alonso left the squad. There hasn’t been a player with similar characteristics until Pedri arrived. It’s only natural the people of Spain are excited for what this teenager can accomplish. But in recent statements picked up by El Pais, the lad said the following: “Of course I like being compared to Iniesta. But as the manager said already, I need to be Pedri.

“I’m shy off the pitch, but I have a lot of fun when I’m inside. Luis Enrique’s ideas appeal to me, now I have to learn the national team’s style of play. Every manager has his traits. For example, here you have to do things differently when the ball is on the opposite side of the pitch. It’s true that Koeman trusted me from day one. He’s proven that he likes using young people and I wouldn’t be here without him. However, it’s not my place to say whether he should continue at FC Barcelona or not.”