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Messi knows what Barcelona will offer him in his renewal

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In a recent turn of events, we finally know what FC Barcelona will offer Leo Messi in his contract extension for the upcoming season. 

Leo Messi already has a proposal on his table from FC Barcelona, according to recent reports coming from Spain. Journalist Jota Jordi revealed that Joan Laporta’s offer is one that might persuade Messi to stay by the end of the season. When the current campaign started, the Argentine was pretty much certain he would leave the Catalan club. Now that the club has a new president, things drastically changed for Leo.

He did a complete 180 on his initial plans for the future. When the season started, nobody imagined FC Barcelona would have a chance to get far in La Liga tournament. Let alone getting some silverware by the end of the season in any competition. Today, they stand with a chance to win the Copa del Rey next Saturday and they are staying competitive in La Liga. 

How much did they offer Messi?

According to Jordi, Joan Laporta made an initial and unofficial offer of €30 million per season. That is less than half of the €75 million he had on his previous contract, but it has the details that might convince the star to sign it. FC Barcelona’s plans for the immediate future at the club include signing another star player who can secure goals at the club.

Erling Haaland is the number one option, but Neymar remains a solid choice. That massive cut on Messi’s contract would be used to pay the incoming star for the next five years. Also, there is still a defender in mind for the Catalan club but Eric Garcia is the solid option who would come for free next summer. If Barcelona can secure that world-beater, Leo will definitely consider accepting that massive pay cut on his new contract. Will he take it?