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Messi gets a new award from the Spanish La Liga

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After a wild month of February, Lionel Messi just got a new recognition from the Spanish La Liga due to his performances at FC Barcelona. 

Lionel Messi keeps collecting La Liga awards even though he is already a seasoned veteran. We recently saw him celebrating like it’s 2015 all over again with his teammates after getting to a new Copa del Rey final. He didn’t score against Sevilla but he was the most active player that the Catalan club had that evening. In the league tournament, Leo has been his old self and managed to keep his squad alive in the competition.

We’ve been telling you all about Robert Lewandowski and Erling Haaland as the most prolific players of the season. However, 2021 has been perfect to show us that Leo Messi is still at the peak of his powers. In the monthly awards La Liga offers, Messi is the most prolific player during the month of February with seven goals in five matches. The domestic competition just announced Leo as their winner for last month but things can take a drastic change again. 

Messi against direct title contenders. 

This is where things get slightly tricky for Leo. He hasn’t been able to produce a single top performance against any of the direct title contenders in any competition. Granted, he played wonderfully against Sevilla in Copa del Rey but they are hardly a title contender. When he faces the likes of Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, or PSG. Messi simply doesn’t appear as he used to in previous seasons.

Even though Barcelona has an impossible job to do in the Champions League, the fans will still wait for Leo to bail them out as he did many times before. But judging on his last five seasons in crunch matches, we wouldn’t hold our breath waiting for him to appear. Then again, this is Leo Messi we are talking about after all. Anything can happen when he wakes up inspired.