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Report: Messi and Monchi’s altercation at Camp Nou

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According to various sources, Lionel Messi got into a heated altercation with Sevilla’s Sporting Director after the semifinal: Monchi. 

Lionel Messi wasn’t happy after Monchi’s behavior last Saturday in La Liga. The Sevilla FC Sporting Director kept mocking Ronald Koeman from the stands during the match and Leo was waiting for him. SER reported that as the Catalan club’s players celebrated the victory last night, Monchi decided to leave the stands with a visible bad temper. At the same time, Messi and other Barcelona players were heading to the dressing rooms.

The captain saw Monchi and immediately approached him to ask for an explanation about Saturday’s behavior. Also, the players who accompanied Leo were extremely supportive of their manager and were in no mood for accusations. All Monchi cared about was recrimination and telling the players they always get help from the referees. Someone on Messi’s side said: “Now you will go home livid, good!”

Sevilla vs Barcelona, the new rivalry. 

Due to moments like this, Sevilla and FC Barcelona created a new rivalry in Spanish football that is very one-sided. However, the Andalucian squad has been quite competitive in recent years regardless of the tournament they play. Even though Barcelona won this round that took them to the Copa del Rey final, Sevilla will never back down.

We all know that the next time these two clubs meet in any tournament, sparks will fly and tempers will rise. They won’t have to meet again until next season but Sevilla will be ready to keep fighting against the all-powerful FC Barcelona. Who will win the next confrontation between these two? Find out when they meet again in the Spanish La Liga. For now, Barça gets the last laugh.