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Erling Haaland vs Robert Lewandowski, a generational battle

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It’s time to shed some light on a generational Bundesliga battle that’s coming on Saturday between Erling Haaland and Robert Lewandowski. 

Erling Haaland appeared less than two years ago to remind us that Robert Lewandowski is not the only elite-level striker in German football. In fact, these two are currently the world’s most prolific strikers in the world. If you take a look at their raw stats, you will be surprised to see how similar they are. Up until today, Robert Lewandowski has played 32 matches in all competitions. Erling Haaland played 27 matches so far.

The Polish striker already scored 34 goals and the kid from Norway scored 27. Both of them have 8 assists in all competitions and they face each other tomorrow to tell the world who is the Alpha in German football. It’s a generational battle we hadn’t seen over decades in the Bundesliga. But more importantly, this is a perfect way for Bayern Munich to make the decision to go after the kid striker regardless of his price-tag. If he makes a good impression, the German giants might break their tradition of not spending too much money for a single player. 

Lewandowski is still the best, for now. 

Knowing that Haaland is coming for his crown, Robert Lewandowski is no slouch either with his impressive numbers this season. This man is living up to the standard that veteran players have been setting over the last decade. He joins Ronaldo, Luis Suarez, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic as the rare breed of experienced forwards who only get better with age.

At 32 years old, we can see how Lewandowski just keeps improving on his numbers from the previous season. Nobody can tell where this man will stop producing such scary numbers but we are not complaining. Haaland will have a hard time trying to get the throne from the reigning best player in the world, as it was established by FIFA months ago. We can’t wait to see these two incredible players collide on Saturday at Allianz Arena. Can you?