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Marcelo Bielsa’s scathing message to the Super League

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After the draw against Liverpool, Marcelo Bielsa had a scathing message directed at the European Super League creators.

As the modest man that he’s always been, Marcelo Bielsa obviously opposes the creation of the European Super League. He always has the right thing to say when it comes to defending the little guy against the big guy. As the manager of a historic club in the Premier League, Bielsa needed to remain careful about what he said when asked about the whole situation. But just like Pep Guardiola, Bielsa essentially opposed this idea.

He also congratulated Leeds United’s president for coming out in defense of the 14 Premier League clubs that were excluded from the elitist league. Rather than sending a confrontative message to the world, Bielsa chose to unify all clubs under the same banner with his unifying message. Although he wasn’t surprised by what’s happening, Marcelo still hopes common sense will prevail. 

Bielsa puts the fans above the rest. 

On Leeds United’s website, this is what Bielsa said: “The president of the club [Leeds United] put his foot forward to limit the power of these big clubs. This is something to celebrate. Of course there are different teams more important than others, but they should be conscious of the needs that we need each other. But, because football has a view that it is more commercial now, it’s natural that in the world of businesses and looking only at the economic aspect, they are the ones that produce the most and demand the majority of it.

“That’s something that is common in the world of business but football is not only a business, but before or after it was going to happen. Football belongs to everybody, the real owners of football are the ones who love the badge and without them football would disappear. Any decisions that attacks all these people that are fans of football, and that privileges only one sector, is staking the future.”