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Man United star goes against the European Super League

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As one of the first top players who responds to the European Super League, one of Man United’s biggest stars is against it. 

Man United is one of the clubs that is more involved in the European Super League creation but one of its stars is completely against it. After Daniel Podence posted an Instagram message remembering the time he played the Champions League with Olympiakos. Compatriot Bruno Fernandes decided to take a stance against the Super League. This proved that the Glazer family made another unilateral decision at the club without consulting anybody.

Not that they need to tell the world how they go about managing their own club. But at least the players should’ve gotten a heads up for what was about to happen. As a player who came from one of those modest clubs in Portugal, it is obvious Bruno is completely against this decision. After Podence’s post, Bruno responded through his Instagram stories with the following message: “Dreams can’t be bought.” 

What can players really do? 

Given that they are under contract, players can’t do anything substantial about this decision from their clubs. They might be able to simply terminate their contracts but most of them wouldn’t do that due to their economic situation. This type of activism against the creation of the Super League is as far as they can go. Bruno Fernandes might be opposed to this but he is still am employee at the end of the day.

We will keep looking at how players position themselves against this new shift in world football. However, the club owners are the ones who have complete control of this situation. Not even FIFA or UEFA have a say in what will happen in the coming months. Negotiations between the clubs and the federations are ongoing but there is nothing players can do besides what Bruno did today.