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Florentino Perez, the mastermind behind the Super League

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We need to talk about the mastermind who’s behind the creation of the European Super League. President Florentino Perez. 


One would think that after all the success he got at Real Madrid, Florentino Perez would eventually slow down on his creation of new ideas. However, this man’s magnum opus is only getting started. The European Super League will be presided by the current Real Madrid chairman. This is a project he’s been creating for at least the last decade alongside the owners of all the other powerful clubs in Europe. What’s the main plan behind this Super League? To basically eliminate the federations that ruled these clubs for decades.

Perez quickly understood that these 15 potential founding clubs have far more power than both FIFA and UEFA. Much of the broadcasting revenue that these clubs generated wasn’t going directly to them, which is a major point of contention for both sides. Florentino always thinks about profit or business, but he also thinks he is doing supporters a service. In his view, football will evolve to a higher level than ever before with the creation of this Super League. 

Can Florentino make peace with FIFA and UEFA? 

The reason Florentino Perez decided to go forward with this announcement is very simple. All he wanted was FIFA and UEFA’s attention in order to negotiate for a better system. This European Super League does exclude historic clubs that aren’t considered part of this elite. But it also wants to seek other options for everybody to work together. If this works out as the Real Madrid president intended, he will create one of the most impressive tournaments in sports history.


But this can also become a double-edged sword in a matter of months. We need to see how FIFA and UEFA will react to these decisions and if they are willing to sit down with Perez in order to negotiate. Make no mistake about the true intentions behind this from Florentino. All he wanted was to slap both federations in the face with his power and the power of all these clubs. We can’t forget that many of these institutions are controlled by countries and oligarchs.