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Premier League urged to kick out ‘big six’ clubs

Premier League
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Alan Shearer has called on the Premier League to banish the ‘Big Six’ in response to moves to form a European Super League.

Alan Shearer urged the Premier League to kick out breakaway clubs as talks of a European Super League continue to emerge.

Shearer has joined Gary Neville in vehemently criticizing Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham, who confirmed they will be among 12 founding members of the breakaway competitions.

The proposed 20-team continental competition will start “as soon as practicable”, read a statement released late on Sunday. Joining the Premier League’s ‘Big Six’ will be: AC Milan, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, Inter Milan, Juventus and Real Madrid who have also signed up as founding clubs. Three more expected to follow before the inaugural season.

However, the decision has received much outrage so far and Shearer is the latest name to fully condemn the rise of the ‘Super League’.

In an exclusive interview with Coral, Shearer said: “These 12 clubs dropped a huge grenade on the sport with this announcement, and the Premier League should respond with a grenade of their own and say ‘OK, you’re going to be banned from the Premier League from next season’. That’s how they should deal with this.”

“These clubs want to have their cake and eat it, they think they can play these Super League games in midweek and their domestic leagues at weekends, but I hope the leagues say no, that’s not happening.”

Neville had called for clubs to be relegated for this “criminal act” on Sunday and continued his rant ahead of Liverpool’s game against Leeds on Monday night.

“Leeds players should walk to the side of the pitch and just let them keep scoring! They don’t want competition,” Neville tweeted, before later adding: “Join us if you like for Leeds v Greeds.”