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Gary Neville disgusted by European Super League plans

Liverpool, United
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Gary Neville has launched a scathing attack on all Premier League sides remotely ‘interested’ in the idea of an European Super League.

Gary Neville launched a blistering attack on plans to launch a European Super League, claiming that Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool should be relegated if they sign up to the breakaway tournament.

According to reports, Man United, Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Manchester City have signed up to the breakaway plan, and will be joined by teams from Italy and Spain.

A joint statement from Uefa, the Football Associations of England, Spain and Italy, plus the Premier League, La Liga and Serie A added they remained united in their efforts to “stop this cynical project”. Infact, it has been claimed that any associated club that will partake in any ‘European Super League’ will be banned by their local football bodies.

Reacting to the latest developments, Neville says he is “disgusted” by the developments and has called for necessary measures to be taken.

He said to Sky Sports: “The reaction to it is that it has been damned, and rightly so.”

“I am a Manchester United fan and have been for 40 years but I am disgusted, absolutely disgusted.”

Neville added: “I am disgusted by Manchester United and Liverpool the most.

“Liverpool, the pretend (with) ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ (they are) the people’s club, the fans’ club.

“Manchester United – 100 years, born out of workers. And they are breaking away into a league without competition, that they can’t be relegated from?

“It is an absolutely disgrace. Honestly, we have to wrestle back power in this country from the clubs at the top of this league, and that includes my club.”

Neville continued: “The motivation is greed. Deduct them all points tomorrow, put them at the bottom of the league and take the money off them. Seriously, you have got to stamp on this.”

“It is criminal. It is a criminal act against football fans in this country. Deduct points, deduct money and punish them.”

Neville says relegation should even be on the table: “Let them break away into a super league, but then punish them.

“Punish them heavily, massive fines, points deductions, take their titles off them. Relegate United, Arsenal and Liverpool. Give the titles to Fulham and Burnley.”