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Luis Figo reacts to Florentino Perez’s infamous audio leaks

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After ‘El Clasico Legends’ match in Tel-Aviv, Luis Figo spoke to the media about the infamous Florentino Perez audio leaks. 

Until today, only Luis Figo has reacted to Florentino Perez’s infamous audio leaks. It has been quite an eventful week for the Real Madrid president. He has been accused of mistreating his employees and slandering some of the club’s biggest legends in a private conversation. Luis Figo was one of the people to whom the president insulted the most. Today, he appeared in a public event to play ‘El Clasico Legends’ match. After the match, it was obvious that media outlets from the rest of the world could ask about this.

As you may know, Perez controls a large part of the media in Spain. This is why very few mainstream outlets from Madrid have covered this controversial story. But as soon as the legends left the match, Luis Figo was one of the first to answer about the leaks in which Florentino blatantly insults him among other legends from the club. Marca picked up the following statement from Figo: “I believe that, in a private conversation, there can be expressions that are out of context. As I said, it was a private conversation, and [Perez] apologized. So for me, the matter is closed.”

The other affected players have remained silent. 

Contrary to what Figo discussed today, the rest of the Real Madrid stars haven’t publicly acknowledged anything regarding the news story. Iker Casillas only sends cryptic messages through his official Instagram account but he never specifically mentions Florentino. Raul Gonzalez Blanco returned to coach Real Madrid Castilla with a wide smile on his face. We have heard nothing from Cristiano Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho, or any other person who is mentioned by Perez in any of these leaks.

It’s only been a week after all of this was uncovered and there are suppose to exist many more leaks that ‘El Confidencial’ have in their possession. Florentino is doing everything in his power to prevent more audios from getting leaked but the battle between the newspaper and his lawyers continues right now. For now, Figo appears to have settled his differences with Perez. But we still need to hear from the rest.