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Breaking down Florentino Perez’s control over the media

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With all the scandals surrounding Florentino Perez today, we need to break down the extent of the control he has over the media. 

Florentino Perez has a grip on a major part of the media from his country, that’s not a theory anymore. Before this week’s events, that statement was only a fantasy because there was no proof of his control over some media outlets. El Confidencial’s puff piece about the audio files where he slanders a lot of Real Madrid legends was the fuse that lit everything up. Florentino Perez attempted to silence these audio files for years but there was eventually a media outlet willing to publish them.

It has been reported that we are getting at least a new victim every day for the rest of the week. The first ones were Raul Gonzalez Blanco and Iker Casillas on Tuesday. Today, we got Cristiano Ronaldo, Jorge Mendes, and Vicente del Bosque. Who knows the names we will see tomorrow and Friday but we sure will be there to hear everything. Regardless of the content of these files, what matters is the way the media behaves with this information. All international outlets are considering this one of the most important news stories of 2021. 

Which media outlets does Florentino control?

But when you take a look at the local media outlets, there is an important number of them that don’t even make a minor mention of this story. At least three of the most successful outlets in Spain are involved in a controversial overlook of Florentino’s story. We don’t really need to mention them, the public can judge for themselves as they search for the headlines. In a single move from this story, all those outlets were exposed as tools for Florentino Perez to release information for his own benefit.

None of them will be regarded as reliable sources anymore after what happened this week. As far as Florentino goes, nothing will truly happen to his position as one of the most powerful figures in football. This man’s involvement in the European Super League took a direct hit by the opposition but it won’t hurt him one bit. His power goes beyond what anybody could have imagined. All those audio files are nothing more than entertainment for the people who always believed he wasn’t as perfect as the media portrayed him. But it doesn’t go beyond that.