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Report: Florentino’s next audio is an attack vs FC Barcelona

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According to a report from the Catalan press, Florentino Perez’s upcoming audio scandal is an attack against FC Barcelona. 


Florentino Perez’s audio recordings have dominated the news cycle over the previous week but we didn’t hear anything against FC Barcelona. At least not until today. According to a report from the ‘Mas Que Pelotas’ podcast from Barcelona, there is a troubling audio against the Catalan club. After completely thrashing most of Real Madrid’s legends, it was strange we didn’t hear anything from Florentino against his hated rivals. This report specifically talks about slandering the Real Madrid president made against Joan Laporta.

The FC Barcelona president already heard about the existence of these audio files and he obviously wants to hear them. However, there’s a chance ‘El Confidencial’ won’t publish any more of what they have because Perez already made his move. He previously stated there would be legal actions against the person who released the audio tapes but we still have no details about the way he will respond. 

Florentino might even sue ‘El Confidencial’. 

This report also suggests no more audios were released over the weekend because Florentino Perez already made the legal move he needed. The entire legal apparatus under his command is already making the proper negotiations in order to prevent more recordings from coming to light. According to the podcast, there’s still a large library of recordings that leave Perez in an even worse place than where he was last week.


The only type of recording that could hurt Florentino Perez even further would be something related to bribes. ‘El Confidencial’ is not a news outlet known for giving up on releasing their stories. If Florentino Perez manages to silence them, it’s probably because the next audio files are too dangerous for his image and Real Madrid.