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Breaking down Laporta’s new transfer philosophy at FC Barcelona

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With the new arrivals at FC Barcelona, it’s time to talk about Joan Laporta’s new transfer philosophy at the club from now on. 


Before Joan Laporta arrived at FC Barcelona, there was a very different transfer philosophy coming from the previous administration. Josep Maria Bartomeu was convinced that offering unpayable contracts to any player was the best way to operate. This made all the best players in the world wish to play at FC Barcelona due to the elevated wage they could get. In the past, possible Blaugrana signings wanted to play at the club just because of the sigil. But all of that changed over the last decade.

Laporta came back as president with the sole purpose to change that notion in any player who wanted to play for the club. He took a page from Florentino Perez’s playbook. Real Madrid’s president always placed the club’s prestige above any player’s name and he delivered on his promise. Every single time a player wanted to negotiate for better pay, Perez always refused to fulfill their demands. It happened with Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos more recently. Laporta noted everything and decided to do the same. 

No more diva-like behavior at FC Barcelona. 

Any player who approached FC Barcelona with the intention to earn a fat paycheck is being turned down in recent months. Antoine Griezmann was one of the most recent players who did this and the club is already searching for a new club. This summer alone, Laporta brought Eric Garcia, Sergio Aguero, and Memphis Depay on free transfers. During the Bartomeu days, this wouldn’t have been possible.


As part of the new dawn at the club, the president brought back that lost prestige that made the club almost go bankrupt. Even Leo Messi will have to cut his previous wage at least in half in order to remain at the club. The Blaugranas won’t give in to diva-like behavior from any player, regardless of their names. This is a stern message for anyone who planned to come to the Catalan club with a dollar sign on their head. It’s a new era at FC Barcelona.