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Leo Messi aims for his ‘last dance’ in Copa America

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Ahead of the Copa America opener, Leo Messi spoke to the media to tell them how much he wants to win a title with Argentina.

Just like Michael Jordan during that last season with the Bulls, Leo Messi has one more chance for a ‘last dance’ with Argentina in Copa America. Ever since he started playing this tournament, the FC Barcelona legend was always denied the title on three different occasions. He’s played a grand total of three finals and lost all three of them. After the two consecutive finals he lost against Chile, Messi comes back to face the same national team that has denied him glory several times.

As a seasoned veteran, we see a more relaxed Leo who still wants to lift the trophy. However, winning the Copa America doesn’t seem like an obsession for him this time around. With all the new blood representing Argentina this summer, Leo hopes they can at least reach the later stages of the tournament. The Argentine made it pretty far several times and he expects nothing less this time around for his own personal ‘last dance’. 

Messi’s burning desire for the Copa America. 

When asked if the Argentina National Team depends too much on Messi, this is what Leo told Ole: “At no time did the national team depend on me. We always try to have a strong group. We always said that if we are not a strong team, winning and achieving our objectives would be difficult. I think we became strong as a group. Most of the players have been working together for a long time. We have already have played in a Copa America, so we have the experience that having played it gives you. We are still in training and I think we are on the right track.

“It’s special, everything that I play with the national team is always special, be it friendlies, qualifiers, Copas America, World Cup … I never imagined playing so many games. I didn’t even think about it. I just lived from day to day and tried to always be present and always give my best. We need an important victory. We have been doing things well, growing, but we need to win the first game. It is important to start with the three points, it gives you peace of mind for what is coming. We know that it will be difficult. We are playing against Chile again. We know each other a lot and they are a tough opponent that we are going to meet..”