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Fabregas makes a transfer admission about Leo Messi

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In a recent interview, Cesc Fabregas offers his personal insight into the entire Leo Messi situation with FC Barcelona right now. 

Cesc Fabregas might be one of the few people who are currently in the know about Leo Messi’s future at FC Barcelona. Back when the Argentine moved from his home country to Catalonia, Cesc was one of the players he immediately befriended. It was Leo, Fabregas, and Gerard Pique together at all times when they were little. This means that Messi shares constant communication with the AS Monaco player. In fact, their wives are best friends and that also keeps them in close contact.

It’s pretty obvious Fabregas wouldn’t betray Leo Messi’s trust by divulging any privileged information he has. However, the Catalan midfielder can definitely pressure Messi to remain at the club of his life. We must not forget that Cesc is a die-hard FC Barcelona supporter. Even if things didn’t work out for him as a player at the club, he still loves the institution and wishes Messi can stay. 

Fabregas speaks about Messi’s future. 

During a recent extended interview with Goal, Cesc Fabregas spoke about Chelsea’s present and all their great players. But the conversation obviously shifted towards Messi due to the bond they share. Regardless of what he told the media, we can all try to read between the lines of what he said: “I don’t know what Leo will do but I hope he stays at the club,” Fabregas told Goal.

“It is a very personal decision and let’s see how he feels and we will see what happens. I would like to watch him play his football at Barca for many more years and be successful because he deserves it for what he has done at the club. I am very happy that Joan Laporta is the president. He is someone with a lot of personality. He is calm, he knows what he is doing and he has experience. I am very positive that he will bring the club back to where it belongs.”