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Carlos Tevez reveals who could be Argentina’s next manager

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During an interview with TyC Sports, Carlos Tevez revealed whom he thinks might take the Argentina National Team’s hot seat after Scaloni.

The Argentina National Team’s hot seat is still a matter of debate for people like Carlos Tevez, who sees a clear candidate for the role. It’s not that Lionel Scaloni isn’t doing a good job, it’s more Tevez’s candidate is impossible to overlook as a possibility. If you hadn’t guessed it by now, we are talking about Marcelo Gallardo.

El ‘Muñeco’ has been a consistent winner as River Plate’s manager and he established himself as one of the best Argentine managers in recent history. As he enters his seventh year at the club, Marcelo already won 12 titles that include two Copa Libertadores and a Copa Sudamericana trophies. It’s hard to ignore the massive impact Gallardo had on South American football. 

Tevez thinks he’s next in line. 

With this impressive resume under his belt, any club or national team in the world would kill to sign him. However, Carlos Tevez is convinced that Gallardo is next in line to take over the Argentina hot seat as soon as Scaloni makes a mistake. In fact, Tevez flat out stated that ‘Muñeco’ might take over soon. 

During an interview with TyC Sports, this is what ‘Apache‘ said: “I think Gallardo will have a shot at the national team, there’s no doubt in my mind. We have to give him time but talking about that would disrespect Scaloni, now is his time. But I have no doubts that ‘Chiqui’ Tapia (AFA’s president) has his name at the top of the list. Whether it’s soon or later, I think Gallardo will be there during the next World Cup. On a day to day basis, things are different. But Scaloni is still doing a good job and it’s his moment now.”