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Laporta keeps sending warning shots to Ronald Koeman

Joan Laporta, FC Barcelona
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Ahead of the upcoming match against Benfica, Joan Laporta keeps sending warning shots to Ronald Koeman in regards to game philosophy. 

Regardless of what happens today against Benfica, Ronald Koeman is still under final notice by Joan Laporta. The FC Barcelona president is convinced of the route the club needs to take in order to find success once again. Ronald Koeman’s plan of action has never been in line with the offensive philosophy that has persisted for the last two decades at the club. Even when FC Barcelona wasn’t winning too much in the late ‘90s, the club was still trying to play offensive football under a different manager.

Koeman’s track record as a coach doesn’t help him at all, you just need to look at the way he left. Ronald only left on good terms from the Dutch National Team after taking FC Barcelona’s offer. However, if you ask the Valencia or Benfica supporters, they really don’t like Koeman. The man tends to leave his clubs on bad terms and having disagreements with everybody. Why would this be any different at FC Barcelona? The first signs are evident with his division with the president. Laporta decided to give him a lifeline because he won the Copa del Rey but patience is completely gone. 

Laporta talks about an opposing message from Koeman. 

Today, Marca picked up the following statements that oppose those of Koeman in regards to the club’s playing philosophy. First, he spoke about the exciting talent of the week: “Ansu Fati represents hope and dreams. I loved how he returned to the pitch and how grateful he was with the club’s medical staff, with his family as well. It was a touching moment. Going back to the pitch and score a goal represented all the joy the club needed. It happened due to his personality. We are slowly getting to know him.

“He always accepted wearing the number ‘10’. Wanting the number but asking the captains for it shows how humble he is. With Ansu, Aguero, and Dembele’s recovery we can start thinking about having an increasingly competitive squad. And with the help of the greatest fan base in the world, who are the most important support the club has. La Masia is the only way and the playing style is impossible to relinquish. This genuine and trademark style that no other club in the world has. If we make it compatible with high-performance techniques, we will reach a top-level. That’s the only way we will become invincible.”