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Laporta reacts to Ronald Koeman’s public statement with surprise

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After Ronald Koeman’s very public statement, we still hadn’t heard Joan Laporta’s reaction and he offered one today with a little surprise. 

Joan Laporta and Ronald Koeman are not going through the best moment in their relationship at FC Barcelona. Having said that, they at least could communicate better when the manager is about to make a public statement in a press conference. When the Dutch manager started reading his prepared document, Laporta and the players were taken completely by surprise. In fact, the president found out about the manager’s intentions only minutes before it happened. His response reflects a broken relationship that might not have a way to mend itself.

The general consensus is that Koeman’s days are numbered and the club will announce his exit as soon as they close a deal with a new manager. With this in mind, Koeman only attempted to defend himself from all the pressure he is going through at the moment. Laporta has no choice but to accept the manager’s words that hold a little truth but completely miss the point everybody else is trying to make. Koeman is a manager who veers away too far from the offensive philosophy the club keeps bragging about. 

Laporta was surprised by Koeman’s statement. 

The main reason Ronald Koeman is currently on his way out is very simple. He doesn’t understand football as the club has done it for the last two decades. Saying there are no good enough players to compete in public is a direct attack on many of the young talents who are waiting for their chance to prove themselves. Laporta responded through El Chiringuito with the following statement: “We found out at the last minute that he wanted to make a statement.

“Well, he’s obliged to attend press conferences and he’s free to respond or speak as he wishes. We respect the coach’s decision, but we and the captains found out a bit before. Well, we’re in a difficult moment and I think that we should have a lot of serenity and wait for a good result tomorrow against Cadiz, because that’s what interests us, situations which you overcome with results. We will move forward and keep fighting. We’ll get the ball on the ground, what’s important is that tomorrow we play well.”