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Carles Puyol reacts to Ronald Koeman’s surreal public statement

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After Ronald Koeman’s surreal public statement, Carles Puyol came out to react to his words and attempt to unite FC Barcelona supporters. 


As FC Barcelona goes through one of the worst institutional crises with Ronald Koeman, there is one Carles Puyol to calm things down. Ever since he started his career at the Catalan club, the former captain has always tried to bring the best out of himself to the table. Today is no different amid all the internal wars taking place at the institution. All Carles can do from a distance is watch and send his full support.

Today was especially tough for everybody after Ronald Koeman practically gave up on fighting for anything this season in public. This attitude is very reminiscent to Bernd Schuster’s infamous press conference just hours before getting sacked. Knowing his days are likely numbered at the club, Koeman decided to tell the world that winning titles is virtually impossible. But a large part of the supporters are refusing to believe this, they think at least they have a fighting chance. However, Koeman’s attitude isn’t helping the cause at all. 

Puyol shows the supporters the way. 

During his prime, Carles Puyol always tried to make all his teammates fight until their last breath regardless of their opponent. This is what made him one of the club’s biggest legends. Even though he is no longer on the pitch, Puyol still does his best in order to convey the ideal message that will motivate everybody. With an uplifting image through his social media platforms, Carles said the following: “These aren’t easy times.


“But only if we are united and support the team will it be easier to move forward. Come on Barcelona, now and always.” But the motivation of the highest order might not save Ronald Koeman’s job, he will likely get sacked as soon as the club finds a new replacement. Dark times are coming to FC Barcelona and Carles Puyol is sensing it.