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Joan Laporta’s reaction after FC Barcelona’s painful defeat

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After last night’s painful defeat against Bayern Munich, Joan Laporta addressed all FC Barcelona fans to offer them assurances. 

FC Barcelona’s defeat last night proved that Joan Laporta’s plans are not going how he always envisioned them. It’s been a rough week for all Blaugrana supporters for several reasons but the final straw was this loss. They don’t mind losing a football match against an opponent who is far better than their players. What hurt their pride yesterday was the deplorable manner in which they lost against the Bavarian giants. We all know how better they are compared to FC Barcelona, but not a single shot was taken by the locals.

It was almost as if Ronald Koeman himself demanded all players to not go on the attack, or at least try. After the match ended, there were reports of a meeting between the manager and the club’s president. It was said that a heated argument took place for the next three hours after the final whistle. In that meeting, there were also two more board members of the club and Gerard Pique. The club’s captain is playing a key role in the squad at the moment, he is the voice of all his teammates. In his view, not offering minutes to any academy product is a terrible mistake. 

Laporta’s response to the fans after the loss. 

But the man who is taking most of the heat is none other than the man who decided to trust Ronald Koeman. Joan Laporta even offered to give the manager a chance to sign all the players he wanted. Yesterday, that trust was completely betrayed by losing in such a disastrous manner. Today, the president addressed all the supporters through a video published on all his social media accounts.

It’s safe to say that Ronald Koeman’s days appear numbered for various reasons that Laporta truly believes. This is what Joan Laporta said to all the fans: “Hello, Cules, I am as outraged and hurt as you are. What is happening is one of the scenarios that we contemplated, and I ask you be patient and continue to support the team. And I also ask you to be confident in those of us who are leading the club. We need your trust and time, and have no doubt that we will solve this situation.”