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“Karim Benzema was really close to joining Juventus”

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During a recent interview, a former Juventus star revealed there was a chance Karim Benzema signed a contract with them in 2010. 

There are many stories of players who never made it to clubs like Juventus, one of them is Karim Benzema. That’s right, one of Real Madrid’s historic players was close to leaving Los Blancos back in the day. This was when Ciro Ferrara was the manager at the Bianconeri and Benzema wasn’t the legendary player he became. Back then, Manuel Pellegrini ended the season with 96 points but he had a problem with his strikers.

Florentino Perez was having major doubts about his investment with the French forward and they were pushed to pick between two players. On one side, you had Gonzalo Higuain. Then there was Benzema, who just arrived from Olympique Lyon at a very early age. In the end, Florentino Perez didn’t allow either one of them to leave and the rest is history. But there is someone who revealed this recent information about the French striker

Benzema was dangerously close to Juventus. 

Claudio Marchisio marked an era at Juventus, he was one of the club’s most important players throughout his entire career. Back in the 2009-10 season, there was a lot of uncertainty about the players who would come to the club. The Old Lady was recently back in Serie A after getting relegated due to the match-fixing scandal. When Ciro Ferrara was the coach, they had to make a decision about the player they wanted.

“It’s true, Benzema was close to Juventus, the year Ciro Ferrara was the coach,” said Marchisio via Football Italia. “He hadn’t done well at Real Madrid and the Merengues had to choose whether to sell him or Gonzalo Higuain. They ended up both staying and a few years later Higuain went to Napoli. Karim was really close to joining us at Juve that year, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. There was definitely a possibility, though.”