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France is divided over Karim Benzema’s possible call-up

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After Zinedine Zidane’s comments about Benzema, the whole country of France is divided over Karim’s possible call-up to the squad. 

Just last week, Zinedine Zidane issued a warning shot about Karim Benzema’s absence from the France National Team. Ever since he was banned by Didier Deschamps for the infamous sex tape scandal and his racism allegations. The Real Madrid star grew to become one of the best strikers in La Liga history. During that time, his nation won the World Cup with him watching the tournament from his couch.

Even though they apparently never needed him, this France squad would be far more powerful with Karim on the team. His stats skyrocketed since Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid, turning him into the star he always was. For this reason, an important part of France is already asking Didier Deschamps to forgive him. They want to see Benzema playing alongside the likes of Kylian Mbappe or Antoine Griezmann. 

Benzema won the people back. 

After becoming a pariah for the sex tape scandal he orchestrated, the people of France condemned him alongside the French Football Federation. They demanded for his immediate removal from the national team because he set a bad example for children. But some time has passed between then and now. Things are very different and Benzema is a vastly different player.

However, Karim won’t return to the squad unless Didier Deschamps resigns from his position. A former France player said the following: “I don’t blame Deschamps for what happened, but I simply say that forgiveness is part of our society and of the qualities of a man,” Jean Michel Larque told RMC Sport. “I believe that, despite all the hardships he has been able to endure, forgiveness could perhaps make Deschamps grow.”