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Zidane sends Deschamps a message about Benzema

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After his brace against Celta de Vigo, Karim Benzema got praised by Zidane in his harsh criticism against Didier Deschamps. 


We all know Didier Deschamps decided to not call Karim Benzema for the France National Team after he implied the coach was a racist. The Bleus’ manager got harassed even at his home after this incident, which is something he will never forget. But for Zinedine Zidane, these things don’t seem to matter or he simply doesn’t know about them. Instead, he opts to directly attack his former France teammate for not calling Karim to the squad.

His absence from the France National Team effectively prevented him from forming part of the squad that won the FIFA World Cup in 2018. If you consider the French to be one of the world’s best football nations, imagine how much stronger they would be with one of the best strikers in the business. Zidane wanted to take a dig at Descamps for this during the same week the rumors of a possible offer from the French Football Federation started. 

Zidane knows how difficult La Liga is. 

“You can’t understand that Benzema doesn’t play for his country,” Zidane said at full time via Marca. “Lots of people don’t understand it. But I’m happy as the coach of Real Madrid. He’s done a great job for the team. We know what the schedule is like and we know there are lots of games to come. But the players are fine. Yes, two of the [midfielders] are leaving [for international duty] and it’s not ideal.


“Now, we have to enjoy this win. I don’t think the end of the season is going to be complicated – the opposite. We have to keep going. We’ve been playing well lately. We’re in the final stretch where everything is in play. We’re doing well physically, we’re in great form. We suffered a bit in the second half [against Celta], but we interpreted the game well.”