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“I would’ve liked to sign Maradona but he’s dead,” says Domenech

France v Argentina - International Friendly
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Former France boss Raymond Domenech is once again under fire after making a controversial statement.

Raymond Domenech is well-known in the French media. The 68-year-old manager, who coached France’s national team from 2004 to 2010, has starred in several high-profile controversies. From fights with players like Robert Pires and Nicolas Anelka to being accused of treating Makelele like a slave by Jose Mourinho, Domenech has gained a few enemies over the years.

Now, he is likely to have gathered some more. Only two weeks after picking up his first coaching job in 10 years, Domenech has found his way back to news headlines for the worst reasons. The Nantes boss was asked to comment on the failed signing of midfielder Jean Lucas. However, no journalist could have foreseen his answer.

“I didn’t follow the ups and down of the deal but he’s now in Brest and that’s how it is. I would like to have signed Maradona, but he’s dead. That’s how it is.”

Naturally, the statement didn’t go down well in Maradona‘s home country of Argentina. Diario Ole wrote about the incident, saying that Domenech’s absence from football hasn’t changed him at all.

“Domenech continues being on news headlines for what he does outside of the pitch and not because of what his teams can do inside of it.”

The French manager’s signing also had a few critics. In fact, Nantes fans expressed their unhappiness with their new coach by playing circus music outside of their training grounds.