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BREAKING: Diego Maradona has passed away in Argentina

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Terrible news coming from Argentina as legendary Diego Maradona has passed away in his home at the age of 60 years old. 

We bring the terrible news of Diego Maradona’s passing with great sorrow. The Argentina legend suffered a cardiac arrest at his house during his recent recovery from brain surgery he underwent last month. Diario Clarin was the first one that reported on Maradona’s new episode but they refused to reveal the truth of his condition.

After minutes of looking into the incident that made local medical services rush to the scene, his death was reported at 13:18 local time in Argentina. The whole football world mourns the passing of a legendary player who gave his life to this beautiful sport and defined an entire generation with his talents. From the moment he started playing football at a semi-professional level, everybody could see he would become one of the greats.

Maradona’s legacy in world football. 

Today is one of the saddest days we can remember in football after Diego Maradona’s passing. The legacy he left on this sport can only be measured by how happy he made the whole world feel when he played his best football. An idol to millions of children around the world, and even more adults in this day and age.

Diego Maradona will forever be considered one of the greatest footballers who ever lived. His many health issues in recent times were evident over the last decade. The lifestyle he led was one of the biggest reasons he suffered from several problems that didn’t allow him to live his life to a later stage. In many ways, Diego Maradona was the ultimate example of what to do on the football pitch and what not to do outside of it.

In his final moments, it was reported that one of his daughters was with him when it all happened. Regardless of his personal life, he truly is one of the all-time greats. Nobody will ever take that away from him. Rest in power, legend.