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Guardiola talks about Aguero’s embarrassing penalty miss

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After losing for the second time this season against Thomas Tuchel, Pep Guardiola spoke about Aguero’s embarrassing penalty miss. 

Sergio Aguero will never forget today’s penalty miss and Pep Guardiola’s reaction after it happened. When the match started, Manchester City supporters dreamed about ‘Kun’ scoring the winning goal that could give them another Premier League title. Just like it happened in 2012, the Argentine star had the chance to do that on his right foot. A penalty was awarded for his side and it was his responsibility to take it.

When he stood in front of Edouard Mendy, he decided to dink the shot like Panenka. It was the single most embarrassing mistake of his professional career at the club. Mendy had no trouble stopping the shot and Manchester City ended up losing the match. As the moment occurred, there was a shot of Pep Guardiola reacting to Aguero’s mistake. It was evident he wasn’t happy about it but he would never tell the press what he really thinks. 

Pep won’t throw Aguero under the bus. 

When asked about the penalty missed by Aguero, Guardiola was blunt but he still refused to blame the Argentine for the defeat. “It is his decision,” Guardiola told Sky Sports. “The taker has to take decisions. I say to him, take one decision and take it full commitment. He decided to do it this way. The one on Sterling is a penalty. That is all. It has happened. So next time we try to score our penalty.

“It is the opinion of the fourth official and Anthony, they know it. Nothing else I can say. Sometimes we make mistakes. Maybe they believe it is not a mistake. It has been seen on TV that it is a penalty. 21 days we are going to face them again in the final of the Champions League. We will learn from that and try and win the three points we need to be [Premier League] champions.”