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Tuchel is thrilled with a specific Chelsea striker tonight

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After a second straight convincing performance, one of Chelsea’s strikers got praised by manager Thomas Tuchel for his hard work.

Thomas Tuchel deserves a lot of credit for recovering one of Chelsea’s top strikers at the precise part of the season. Today, Timo Werner was the absolute best player of the match in a surprising victory against Manchester City at Etihad Stadium. The German star arrived as one of the Blues’ most expensive players in the transfer window. He wasn’t able to live up to the expectations formed around him and just kept missing clear chances.

It was clear he had a massive mental block preventing him from getting the results he wanted. But as soon as Thomas Tuchel arrived, Timo started feeling more comfortable in his own skin. He slowly returned to the top of his game and today was the proof of that. From the first minute of the game, we immediately realized how impressive his level became. Despite not scoring a goal tonight, he did deliver the assist that gave Chelsea the victory. 

Tuchel: “Werner works like a dog.”

Goal picked up the following statement from Thomas Tuchel: “In the last week he’s really adapted well to the situations. The way he works he’s relentless. He really wants it and I am very happy with his performance today. Werner was working like a dog, he was really working hard. He gave them a hard time with his runs. I think the second half was a fantastic response to the last five minutes of the first half where we almost lost it all.

“With every minute we gained confidence and quality. We got better and better. It was a tough battle and once we got the equalizer we never stopped attacking. [The winning goal] was a huge reward. This tells us we can rely on our fitness which is a fantastic feeling at the end of a season. We can also rely on our team spirit, we keep going. This team never stops, they don’t want to lose, they want it that bad.”