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Deschamps can’t confirm Karim Benzema’s future with France

Karim Benzema - France
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With Karim Benzema’s trial about to take place, Didier Deschamps wasn’t able to confirm his future is secure at the France National Team. 

Even though Didier Deschamps changed his mind over Karim Benzema’s future at the France National Team. New information could jeopardize the striker’s immediate participation in any tournament. Regardless of his current level of performance, the Real Madrid star is still pending from a thread. His trial with Mathieu Valbuena is about to take place and a negative verdict against him is still very much possible.

If this were to happen, the French Football Federation would see this as a stain on the institution. They can’t grasp the concept of having a player who is considered a criminal representing them in major tournaments. However, Didier Deschamps is the one who has the last say in this matter. He can easily appease any speculation by confirming Benzema within the squad. But as soon as he got questioned about it, the manager wasn’t clear enough in his response. 

Deschamps can’t make the final decision after all. 

Even if we think Didier Deschamps has the power to make the final decision about Benzema, it is now clear this isn’t the case at all. Pressure from the Federation will start adding up if a negative verdict comes after the trial. Also, the public perception from the conservative side of France will offer their opinion as well. With all of this in play, Deschamps stated the following through Diario AS about the upcoming trial.

This is what he said: “I only make decisions related to sports. It’s impossible for me to know the major details of this matter. I do not wish to anticipate a judicial decision. We don’t have any risks with the group’s lack of experience ahead of the Nations League. If a player is with us right now, this means I trust him. However, the nine least experienced players from the list won’t play together against Belgium.”