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VIDEO: Karim Benzema scores the best goal at the Euros

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It happened during a crucial moment against Switzerland, Karim Benzema scored the most beautiful goal at the Euros thus far. 

When Didier Deschamps announced Karim Benzema as part of the France squad for the Euros, we had a slight idea of what this could be like. Ever since Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid, it seems Karim was liberated to unlock his true potential. We always thought he was one of the top players in the world, but he gained legendary status with everything he’s done since 2018. In hindsight, not taking him to the FIFA World Cup in Russia seems like a capital sin simply by looking at the level he’s played.

When he arrived at Real Madrid, he specifically said his dream was to follow the footsteps of his childhood idol: Brazilian Ronaldo Nazario. As the delayed European Championship was approaching in 2021, past rifts between Deschamps and Karim suddenly became irrelevant. The France manager knew a part of the French population would crucify him if he didn’t call Benzema for this tournament. As soon as he arrived, everything started to click. His performance against Portugal was the prelude of what was about to come against Switzerland. 

Benzema scores a Bergkamp-esque goal. 

If you remember the best days of the Arsenal invincibles, you might recall one of the best goals in Premier League history. Dennis Bergkamp turned a strong pass from Pires into a Renaissance painting. He flicked the ball and made a turn that left everybody at St. James’ Park completely stunned. A goal that came to mind today after Karim Benzema’s first goal of the evening.

He controlled the ball with an unreal turn before getting the ball in the back of the net with elegance. Not two minutes after that, he scored his brace but the first goal will probably remain as one of the best he scored throughout his professional career. If France get through this thrilling Round of 16 match, we all want to see what else can Karim Benzema do in the quarterfinals against Spain. Maybe. But first they need to beat the always dangerous Swiss side. Take a look at this goal and judge for yourself.